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"Reach for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars." 
- Leonard Bernstein

Eight Moon Phases. Really. 


If you’re here to learn how to make your wishes come true by following the Moon, you won’t find that information here. New Moon Wising is about deepening in to your own wise knowing and evolving consciousness. It’s about your emotional, psychological and spiritual development.  

The moon is after all about reflected light that changes throughout its 29.5-day cycle, and here within lies the true magic. Following the phases of the Moon is a natural way to reflect on your life, and experience natural rhythms that mirror the transformative cycles of life itself.  

Setting an intention at the New Moon is akin to saying “yes” to your life. Think of it like giving a nod to the universe that you are wanting to bring more conscious awareness to how you relate and respond to particular areas of life or qualities of being.

While the New Moon is considered the most important phase to work with consciously because it’s the start of the cycle, it’s just one of eight phases you can participate with actively. Whatever is emerging for you at the New Moon, nurture it throughout the lunar cycle in flow with the energy of each phase. 

New Moon - Inspiration Emerging


 0-45 degrees ahead of the sun.

The moon rises and sets with the sun and is not present in the night sky.

It all starts here. The invitation at the dark moon is to go within and explore what wants to grow and change in your life, what wants to be born, whether it’s an inner intention or outer project. Honor this time with a small ceremony, solo or with others, to focus, intend, set a goal or a challenge for yourself that you can nurture throughout the lunar month.  Sometimes, you'll know your theme right away, and other times it might surface during the course of the New Moon phase as the light increases. Take time during these 3 or so days to pay attention to your heart and give yourself time to be. 

KEY WORDS: Sprouting, envisioning, dreaming, intending, calling in what wants to be born. Name it. Feel it. Own it.

Crescent Moon - Inspiration Evolving


45-90 degrees

ahead of the sun.

The Moon can be seen in the western sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset.

With a clear focus firmly planted, and the Moon by your side, the Crescent phase is about gathering more insight and mobilizing your energy for forward motion. If you have not been able to land on a theme for the month, then double down now to uncover what wants and needs your attention. Planning, organizing resources, and fine-tuning the work you began at the New Moon is calling.


KEY WORDS: Growing, expanding, evolving, empowering, deepening in relation to the lunar theme and personal intention/prayer. Planning, organizing resources.

1st Quarter Moon - Persistent Action


90-135 degrees ahead of the sun.

The moon is high overhead at sunset and is visible until mid-night when it sets in the west.

At the 1st Quarter Moon, our commitment may be tested. You may feel like you've lost your energy for forward motion or that your actions feel thwarted in some way. Much like the iconic "s/hero's journey" navigating this phase is best met by knowing how to access your allies and by putting one foot in front of the other. Committing to your intention may simply be about taking the next step. Self-compassion may very well be your best ally. 


KEY WORDS: Flowering, trusting the process, facing challenges, perseverance, initiating action, utilizing resources. 

Gibbous Moon - Renewed Action


135-180 degrees ahead of the sun.

The moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon, high in the eastern sky at sunset, and setting a few hours before sunrise.

With more light on the subject, more information to go on, the Gibbous phase is a great time to review your progress thus far. You may realize that your intentions have morphed, or are in some way different than you envisioned. Maybe something has happened so you cannot fulfill your intentions; maybe you've changed your mind. Whatever has occurred, this is the time to adjust and trust the process. Engaging others for council is helpful at this time. 

KEY WORDS: Refinement, evaluation, perfecting, engaging, sharing with others to stimulate clarity of focus.

Full Moon - Embrace Insights


180-225 degrees ahead of the sun.

The moon will rise at the exact same time the sun sets in the west.

At the Full Moon, awareness, illumination and culmination are the key energies, a time to grapple with reconciling seeming opposites, resolve conflicts, and synthesize experiences. Full Moons tend to be emotionally charged and can usher in exhaustion and overwhelm. You may come face to face with patterns that have held you back. Do make room for whatever arises at this time with an open heart and be willing to let go of attachments or ways of being that just don’t work for you, anymore. 

KEY WORDS: Illumination, insight, realization, fuller perspective in relation to the lunar theme and personal intention/prayer, quickening, reconciling the opposites, synthesizing.

Disseminating Moon - Share Insights


225-270 degrees ahead of the sun.

The Moon will rise  between 9a -12p, and set after sunrise in the morning.  The Moon can be seen in the early morning daylight hours on the western horizon.

During the Disseminating phase, you'll want to take what you're learning and doing out into the world. Whatever insights you've gained though the waxing phases are ready to be shared with others. Talk about your intentions, share your wisdom, and ask for the support you need. The light of the Moon is now waning, so remember to take it easy on yourself. It's okay to slow down now, to be more introspective, and continue to release what no longer serves. 


KEY WORDS: Express and share new found truths. Harvesting, demonstrating, giving and receiving, gratitude, empowerment through tangible results, culling, fulfilling inner needs.

3rd Quarter Moon - Transition Begins


270-315 degrees ahead of the sun.

The Moon rises around midnight on the eastern horizon and sets in the west around noon the next day.

At the Last Quarter, it’s time to let go, release, and forgive self and others.  Learn what needs to be learned, integrate, and be proud of whatever you have accomplished. Much like the 1st Quarter phase, you may have to face challenges, and accept what worked well for you and what did not. Self-acceptance is key. Consider tying up loose ends as we near the dark phase of the Moon.


KEY WORDS: Truth. Evaluating. Learn from your experiences. Deal with obstacles. Make necessary changes. Live your truth- move forward or let go. Claim your wealth.

Balsamic Moon - Transition Finalizes


315-360 degrees ahead of the sun.

The Moon is best viewed an hour or two before the sunrise.

Ahhhh. Another lunar month gone by. Now is the time to surrender, rest, and recuperate.  No more planning or initiating outward action. As the Moon slowly enters “the dark of the Moon,” we allow silence into our lives and ready ourselves for the New Moon phase. The Balsamic phase is a good time to reflect and coalesce what the last 28 days has brought to your life.  


KEY WORDS: Surrender, rest, recuperate. Release. Allow silence to speak. Empty. Ready yourself for the new thing to come. Celebrating possibility.

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