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Attuning to the cycles of the Moon is a serious game-changer.

Start with the New Moon, but don't stop there. 

To align with Luna's rhythms is to come home to your inner wisdom. 

Go with the flow...

Each phase of the Moon invokes an energetic field of experience that mirrors the life cycle of birth, growth, death and renewal. As such, the Moon is a consummate teacher reminding us that the only thing constant is change and that life has a rhythm we can trust and align with. I like to think of the Moon as a natural life coach that provides a cosmic structure for self-inquiry, evolving consciousness, and managing daily life with more ease and grace.

Five Ways to Develop a Moon Practice 



Start by tracking the phases of the Moon. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive a calendar of Luna’s monthly movement or download an app like Deluxe Moon. Become aware of when the Moon rises and sets and then track her motion in the sky from your humble place on Earth.

Explore the energies of each Moon phase. I use the astrological eight phases, but if that feels like too much, start with the new and full, add in the 1st and 3rd quarters, and build from there. 



Keep a journal. Observe your experiences and feelings and notice how your life is in sync (or not) with the lunar phases. Use writing prompts from the free monthly lunar calendar to work actively with each phase.


Create rituals, altars, and find companions on your journey. There's no better way to bring the magic of the Moon into your life than letting her know how much you care! Creating small ceremonies, solo or in groups, is a powerful way to work with the Moon. At minimum, find a place in your home to build a small altar at each New Moon. 


Incorporate astrological wisdom. Take your Moon practice to a whole new level by using your natal chart to identify the "house" where the New Moon resides. This will give you clues to what is emerging or what wants your full and conscious attention. You don't need to be proficient in astrological interpretation to take this next step. I've created a few "cheat sheets" to get you started and of course there are tons of resources online. Follow the link below for my basic astro PDFs and to get a copy of your natal chart. 

Neva's services opened the door to the cosmos that allowed me to form a relationship with the planets in tangible ways. Her services not only enhanced my understanding of the energies available, they also gave me tools that help make my daily life more meaningful and functional.  - Chelsea H. 

Neva has not only helped me come into sync with my chart, but has seen into my heart, with great wisdom, compassion, care and sweet humor. Her deep relationship with the planets, stars and the grand story playing out in the heavens as they shape our everyday lives on earth is inspiring. I dare say she’s pulled my head out of bed and made a sky watcher of me. – Julianne C.

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