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Your heart knows what you need.

Astrology, depth psychology, practical strategies, everyday magic,
intuitive knowing, deep listening, soul-expanding dialogue. Sound good? 

My Approach

Astrological readings are not psychic readings. However, inherent in the language are techniques that will inform the future and reference the past in order to provide valuable insights and clarity. Knowing your personal astrological 'weather forecast' can help you to trust your process and make better decisions.

Sessions vary depending on the service you choose. However, generally, we will look at your natal chart, explore relevant themes as expressed through planetary archetypes and significations, check in with current planetary movement, engage in dialogue, and co-create strategies to meet your evolving needs. While our time together is not therapy, it can be deeply therapeutic and transforming.

I use astrological knowledge and techniques from a number of Western traditions (Hellenistic, Evolutionary, Archetypal) to inform and enrich each session.

Natal Readings

  • Sessions are 90 minutes and include natal and forecasting interpretations. $200


.Forecast Readings 

  • Sessions are 60 minutes. $135


Mini-Readings (New Moon Guidance or Focused Questions)

  • Sessions are 30 minutes. $65.  


Astro-Counseling Packages 

  • New clients - One 90-minute session plus three 60-minute sessions. $550 (minimum one per month).

  • Return clients - Four 60-minute sessions. $500 (minimum one per month).  

I see people in person for those living near Bainbridge Island, WA. For long distance clients I use Zoom online. 

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Is this work right for you?

My approach to astro-counseling will most likely appeal to those who understand that when they do their personal work they are better parents, partners, friends, colleagues, healers, change agents, and humans. It's for people who are outside of the box; open-minded, curious, intuitive, and empathetic. I attract folks who think and feel deeply, want to unplug from conditioned patterns, live from their heart, and create a just, kind, and inclusive world. If some of this describes you, I would love to work with you. 

Neva provided a luminous, fluid and deeply supported container for this incredible, and important, heart-centered work to be felt out, and she held it at the highest and clearest vibration, something that I value deeply. I felt so safe bringing my whole self to this group in a way that I can honestly say that I never have before been able to in a group setting. I will always be grateful that something in me made me sign up. - Lucy W.

Your ability to create and hold sacred space and to weave, disseminate and share your astrological wisdom is a true gift. Your sweet cabin with its exquisite Neva magic is in itself a healing place to gather... magic in action for all the senses. Of course, I just don’t want the group to end! – M. H.

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