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We live in "interesting times."

Listening to your heart and deepening into your soul’s journey 
isn’t just about your personal work. The world needs your genius.  

I am over the moon about the innate power of working with natural cosmic cycles. It's truly a way of life, filled with conscious intention and deep connection
to the divine.

A bit about me

My educational and professional pursuits are born out of a life-long love for psychology, philosophy, interpersonal communication, activism, spirituality and mysticism, all of which I use to inform my astrological interpretation and counseling. Compassion, curiosity, passion, intuition, intellect, and humor are my guides. 


I attract clients who know we are living in profound times, and seek to utilize the wisdom of astrology, and everyday magic, for evolving individual and collective consciousness.  

Psychology and Astrology Education Highlights

  • Traditional Astrology for the Modern Mystic, Year One & Two Certification,
    Night Light Astrology w/ Acyuta-bhava, 2019-2021

  • Kepler College of Astrology, Certification, 2012-2015

  • Inca Mystery Training, Christina Donnell, Ph.D, 2013

  • MA Counseling Psychology, Antioch University Seattle, 1995

Communications Education

  • BS Public Relations, Utica College of Syracuse University, 1979

  • AAS Advertising, Mohawk Valley Community College, 1977



Neva Welton Certificate of
Neva Welton Year Two Certificate.png

My Approach

I strive to make the language of astrology practical and accessible for those who speak astrologize and for those who don't. I live by and encourage a direct and personal relationship with the planets.

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