Astrology + Counseling + Practical Strategies

Maybe life has thrown you a curve ball, or the old stories don't fit anymore.
You want to forge a new path, but feel confused, perhaps experiencing self-doubt or fear.
It's not as simple as "getting on with it or getting over it" and you're ready to
transcend old patterns, gain a deeper perspective and find new tools. 
At key turning points or complex times in life, compassionate support and 
wise council can make all the difference.   

Astrological counseling is a soulful, multi-dimensional approach that provides a unique perspective and practical insights into your life so you can respond to challenges and opportunities
with more clarity, courage and compassion for yourself, others, and the planet(s). 

Available for purchase through December 31, 2021
for readings in 2022. 


Individual & Small Groups




New Moon Mini-Readings

Deep Insight. Affirmation. 

A natal chart is a blueprint, an archetypal map of the psyche that allows us to access the depths of our soul. It shows innate tendencies and potentials, instinctual patterns, and developmental life cycles. In the process of engaging the celestial realms, we find a deeper context for what is happening on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level and become more conscious of the unconscious forces informing our lives. When we can see the beginning, middle, and end of key growth periods, as reflected through natural planetary cycles, we can face life with greater agency, strength and wisdom. 


If you are ready to engage life with more inner freedom, bring a greater level of consciousness to life’s challenges, discover nuances of your soul, and revel in the
mystery and magic of your uniqueness …

and you are drawn to a process of self-discovery where spirituality, astrology, depth psychology, and intuition meet logic, strategy and reality… then I invite you to reach out. 

Access Inner Wisdom for Life

  • Tap in to your inner strengths and natural gifts. 

  • Hone intuition and intention. 

  • Create a greater sense of belonging to all that is.

  • Align with natural timing and rhythms of life as a source of support.

  • Surrender to what is as a conduit to growth and transformation.

  • Generate a fresh outlook, a new frame to help overcome obstacles. 

  • Foster greater self-love, acceptance, and agency.

  • Release conditioned patterns; respond to life instead of react.

  • Find new tools for living a creative life aligned with your values.


I was having a tough time when I saw you. Thank you for helping me get oriented and have compassion for myself! -  Cody D.

I cannot begin to tell you the shift I felt in my energy and sense of well-being after our visit.  It was palpable on all levels. You helped me reconnect with myself and re-member that I am cradled in a mysterious, wondrous universe. I am so grateful!  I woke yesterday feeling more at home in my heart, soul and body than I have felt in a long time.  - Patty C.

Neva offered an archetypal context to the changes I was going through - divorce, new career, two moves, and upsets in a new relationship. This framing gave me space for self-empathy and gratitude. She didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but the context and validation she offered is helping me reclaim my personal power. - Kirsten E.